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Suncare @ Lady Hamilton accepts both local and international  guests. We welcome guests according to the following criteria :

All guests must :

  • Be older than 18 years of age

  • Have a Mental Health Diagnosis

  • Be under the care of a Psychiatrist – if not, we will allocate in house

  • Comply with a psychiatrist’s treatment plan and appointments

  • Be able to manage personal hygiene and care independently

  • Be able to manage other medical conditions independently

  • Be able to move and dress independently

  • Be prepared to be admitted / referred to an acute mental healthcare facility or medical facility for stabilisation should the guest’s condition destabilise


Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications from guests who :

  • Are under the age of 18 years of age

  • Possess medical conditions requiring 24 hour care

  • Are unable to communicate sufficiently to call for emergency assistance

  • Have a history or conviction for violent or aggressive behaviour

  • Actively display suicidal tendencies or are abusing any substance

  • Have a history of convicted sexual offence or whose behaviour is a risk to others

  • Are politicians, lawyers or estate agents


1. Initial contact is made by the potential guest via website/email/phone or via their medical practitioner

2. The guest or family member or caretaker are sent an initial contact form – please see sample initial contact form

3. Online medical screening by our medical practitioner

4. Assessment by occupational therapist

5. Assessment by psychiatrist

6. Residential contract is completed and accompanied with first month’s fee and deposit – please see sample contract  


​We recommend you bring along:

  • Normal everyday clothing including swimming and gym wear if you will be using those facilities as well as nightwear – Please note that guests are not allowed to walk in the public areas in pyjamas!

  • Medical aid card, main member’s ID book and your own ID document

  • Current medication – both prescription and non-prescription

  • Normal everyday toiletries

  • Reading matter

  • Laptop if required plus charger

  • Mobile phone if required plus charger

  • Cigarettes – Suncare @ Lady Hamilton is a no smoking facility inside the building however smoking is permitted in the garden area

  • Money for any additional everyday purchases at the property or in the surrounding area


  • Any illicit drugs or substances

  • Weapons of any nature – firearms, pepper sprays, knives, scissors, sharp items, etc..

  • Whilst an in room  safe is provided, it is not recommended to bring valuables with you as we can not be held liable for their safety